Finds + Favorites

This week our schedules were all over the place, so I was grateful for these life savers! 

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1. I use these liners in my fridge.  They aren't sticky, but they absorb everything.  I bought my last ones in March, and they are just now looking a bit worn.  I'm just grateful that I didn't have to clean the blueberry goo off the fridge. 

2. There is one little corner in my house that just makes me feel relaxed.  That's where this chair from TARGET is.  It's comfy and way more affordable than similar styles. 

3. I was on morning duty this week, which is miserable for me.  However, I do look forward to applying this citrusy Truth Serum.  Honestly, I don't know what it does but it smells and feels nice and I imagine that I glow afterwards.  Now that I think about it, its way too pricey for me to not have done my research, but it turned out ok! 

4. I've got a serious sweet tooth.  Instead of pounding another container of icing that we might or might not leave in the fridge, I grabbed these.  They hit the spot! 

5. EVERYONE RUN NOW AND GET THESE.  They are affordable and indestructible.  I imagine they are like the Native shoes, but these are under $25.  And now that Crocs is closing, I'll be stocking up for sure. 

6. Brooks got this toy for his 1st birthday.  He's nearly 2.5 now, but there are different parts to play with at every age.  I've found him quietly playing with it multiple times this week.  If that doesn't tell you that you need it, you're not a parent.