Christmas Leftover Recipes

All right, party people. The kids are still comatose from all the hustle and bustle that is Christmas Day, but soon their little bodies are going to come at you full speed asking, “What’s for breakfast?” And you know what? After that they’re going to want lunch and dinner too. Brats.

Family Travel Prep: The Before

When it feels overwhelming, I remind myself that I am giving them the gift of travel. Vance is going to see snow for the first time and Brooks is finally going to “fly away airplane” as he’s been requesting for weeks now. That matters more than the dirty look that I’ll be getting from 24E.

White Elephant Gifts under $50

Ipods are under $50 now right, Michael Scott?

Holiday Counting Exercise with

Preschool prep? Already?! has simple and engaging resources for preparing your little one for school and having holiday fun!

Getting out of the House Made Simple

There are so many festive things to do this time of year! Here are 5 simple changes to your routine to make outings stress-free.

Finds + Favorites: Thanksgiving Prep

Hey, Amazon Prime, you get a seat at the adult table.

Wondering what to do with your extra candy?

And some more sugar to it and make these delicious recipes! (or donate it, if you are teetering on the edge of Diabetes)

No Sew Toy Story Family Costume

Cardboard, foam paper, hot glue and done. Happy Halloween!

Finds + Favorites: Non- food Halloween Treats

Allergy parents breathe a sigh of relief - here are 6 non-food treats that all kids can enjoy. And they’re all Amazon Prime!

Hearty Crockpot Chili

Brown the meat. Dump everything in the crockpot. Set on low for 8 hours. Put toppings on. Eat. Boom.

Baby Carrier Halloween Costumes

Brooks’ first Halloween was about 5 months after he was born. I came up with two options - Astronaut Brooks and Safari Brooks. Both are easy and require only a few items that you don’t already own!…

How I Set Up My House to Welcome a Newborn

It’s so funny to think back to when my husband and I brought our first son home. We literally had no idea what to do with him….

Finds + Favorites: Office Makeover

Vintage rug dupe, Ikea prices, and hanging plants. Ooo la la…

FL Mom Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Since becoming a mom, I have realized two things:

I recycle what I wear A LOT

I do laundry A LOT

With these two things I mind, I have decided to embrace a capsule style wardrobe of high quality basics mixed with some affordable more seasonal items to develop a mom and Florida friendly fall capsule wardrobe….

Why I Stopped Apologizing for My Shy Child

Once I embarked on the ‘stranger danger’ phase with my son, Brooks, I was not surprised that it came on like a tidal wave. My husband was also a shy child, though he blossomed a bit sooner than I. We expected our child to have a healthy dose of skepticism in his blood…..

Easy Oreo Filled Halloween Cookies

I love Halloween. It is my favorite gift-free holiday. (Let’s be honest, I like me some presents.) I love coming up with costume ideas, watching Halloween movies, and baking spooky treats with my sous chef, Brooks…..

Dreaming of Easy Cleanup

I like to pull up the little guy’s high chair right next to the island so that I can sit on a bar stool while I monitor his chewing (Hi, I’m super anxious about choking). Unfortunately, this puts the island in the splash zone. The underside of the island is a total mess. Stains, caked on food, you name it…..

Self Care Tips for the Fourth Trimester

Those first months of motherhood can be isolating. Odds are that your partner (especially if that partner is your typical dude), won’t understand what you’re going through - the pressure to be the perfect mom combined with the pain of recovery….

Hidden Veggie Monster Muffins

Sometimes getting my toddler to eat anything that isn't an Oreo feels like an Olympic sport.

I try to provide balanced options, teach him new foods, and have fun but more often than not that strategy blows up in my face. There are tears; then he's back to requesting Toy Story for dinner.

An Adventure in FPIES

As a two-time so called “experienced” mama, and a pediatric occupational therapist, I felt confident enough to introduce solids into my little one's diet. What I didn’t know was that there would be a slightly turbulent road ahead.


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