Finds + Favorites

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Apparently, I've been daydreaming about redoing the house more than I thought! 

1. Step one whenever I plan on changing a room up is decluttering thanks to Emily Ley's A Simplified Life.  I am a bit of a hoarder (not in the dirty way, more in the 'oh, you still have that?' way).  This book helped to change my mindset so that I could toss more and keep only the things I love. 

2. This dress has been the perfect piece to transition from postpartum to getting my 'old' body back.  It is breezy so it's great for the summer.  I have the black one so that I can wear it on dates and feel comfortable (READ: eat all of the things and not worry about pants).

3. I stare at our open concept dining room all day.  The chairs we have now I accidentally bought in a rush because we were hosting Thanksgiving years ago.  They're tiny and silly and I want to exchange them so badly with these!

4. Kraft paper is one of my favorite ways to [try to] teach my toddler.  This week I rolled it out, wrote 'blue' in bubble letters and we drove cars all over it and talked about the color.  Then we threw everything we could find that was blue into the blue circle.  Then I rolled it up and didn't think about it again.  No mess easy peasy. 

5.  The guest room also needs a new comforter, and I've got my eyes set on this one from Target.  It's feminine and fun - just like my houseguests are! 

Happy Weekend to all!