Finds + Favorites

Some of my finds + favorites across the internet (mostly Amazon because hey Prime!) this week. 

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1. I have almost cut my hand a few two many times making avocado toast and baby food to not have one of these. Stupid, millennial momma.  

2. I wear these shoes constantly - with dresses, short, jeans.  They're the perfect mom shoe, and I will shout it from the rooftops! 

3, I have and love my own UV light for at home gel manis, but sometimes I've got to let my nails rest.  In between the real deal, I like Essie Gel Couture.  It really does last 7-10 days.  

4. I always have two of these roaming the house.  The rubber top allows little hands in and limits the crumbs and extra food that comes out.  A woman designed this. 

5. I've made two things from this book - the biscuits and Mexican rice. And dammmmn. They're good. 

6. My brother and sister in law got this for Brooks, but it is the perfect toy to let Vance play along.  We have music time every morning.  It is loud and silly and awesome. 

Have a great weekend!