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one | two | three | four | five 

1.  As I have said before, my toddler loves to be in the kitchen with us.  He's been getting better at pouring ingredients into bowls without completely missing, so I decided to get this learning tower so that he could really participate.  He LOVES it.  He climbs in on his own and comes and goes as he pleases.  I think this is a great opportunity to teach him about math (eek!) and following instructions.  [MAJOR BONUS: I was able to assemble myself.  It only has a few feet to put on, but I patted myself on the back still.]

2. We have been composting for about 3 months now, and it would not be possible without this countertop bin.  We load it up daily and take it out to the large composter outside every night.  It holds enough for our family of four and doesn't smell like ass unless you forget about it. 

3. Finally caved on this one.  We've noticed lately that if Brooks, 2, falls asleep in the car before a nap, he will not nap AT ALL.  We only use the iPad with movies if it is close to nap time and we know he will be in the car.  This case is perfect to hang on the seat in front of him or for him to grasp.  

4. Did you watch Dexter when it was on?! I did on and off, but we started it back up recently on Netflix and it is so good! Exactly what my crime loving heart needed.  That sounds weird.  I don't love crime.  This escalated quickly. 

5. It's hot.  This fan clips on to the stroller, and it's slightly less hot.  Boom.