3 Essentials to My Wellness Routine

Motherhood is full of seasons - newborn months, crawling months, walking, etc.  With each development my little ones have, my daily routine changes drastically.  Through my mom guilt and tired eyes, I always try to make time for myself.  I constantly fall back on three words when creating a wellness routine that fits into the current season - rest, release, rejuvenate. 

DINING (1).jpg


Before children, I was a huge napper - almost daily.  I could fall asleep quickly, sleep for hours, and repeat.  That was back when my days were filled with work and worrying about what I would eat for dinner.  Now that I am following two little people around constantly picking up things that they could put in their mouths, wiping noses, and changing diapers, my definition of rest has evolved.  If I can get 30 minutes to sit and be at peace knowing whoever is watching my boys is capable, I'm happy.  If I can actually get a nap, I'm escatic.  Perspective. 

Here's some ideas on rest:

  • Watching your favorite show (binge something if you're lucky!) 

  • Read a chapter of a book 

  • Paint your nails 

  • Do a face mask 


I only realized the need for release after babies, when stress and anxiety were at an all time high for me.  The best way for me to release is exercise.  I love OrangeTheory.  I rowed in high school, and I love that OTF includes a rower in their workouts.  Plus, I know the class is one hour and will kick my ass.  And they charge a late cancellation fee for each class, so I'm finanacially motivated as well.

Some more ideas for release: 

  • Yoga

  • Walk the dog 

  • Meditation 


This is the most personal essential to my wellness routines.  This is the step where you determine what genuinely makes you whole.  What is it that you would do even if you weren't paid?  For me, it is writing.  In the past, it has been baking, making lists, or calligraphy.  

Rejuvenation might look like this to you: 

  • Journaling

  • Drawing 

  • Cooking 

  • Design 

It's so easy to lose yourself when you're constantly prioritizing others over yourself.  I have found that my own well being is paramount for my family's well being.  If I don't take the time to remember who I am, I can't be my best self for my boys.