2018 Family Costume Reveal : Toy Story

It’s no secret that I love making Halloween costumes. My husband usually has a commitment on Halloween so I am left doing a group costume alone with the boys. This year, that is not the case and I finally got to get the old man in on the fun!

Brooks, at the ripe old age of 2.5, is loving Toy Story and anything that flies so obviously he had to be Buzz Lightyear. Once I landed on that, I worked the rest of us around the movie.

I made these costumes entirely out of cardboard or foam paper and hot glue and some things that we had around the house. Assuming you can get all the right colors of foam paper in one container, this should be a VERY low budget family costume.

No Sew Toy Story Family Costume.jpg

And you can’t forget The Claw for the little alien! I covered our wagon in trash bags leaving the seatbelt accessible. I used the pole for the canopy and an old wire coat hanger covered in aluminum foil for the actual claw. Pop some foam paper eyeballs on a green ballon and strap that baby alien in!

Copy of No Sew Claw wagon.jpg

Jury is still out on whether my husband enjoys it! Fingers crossed! More photos to come on Instagram stories! Happy Halloween!