Dreaming of Easy Cleanup - Kitchen Island Backsplash

So much of our day revolves around the kitchen. Bake, meal plan, prep, clean, repeat. I’m grateful to have an oversized island right in the center so that I have an area to work and area where the kids can “help” (read: make a complete mess) and an area that is just a drop zone for miscellaneous things - my husband loves that part.

I also like to pull up the little guy’s high chair right next to the island so that I can sit on a bar stool while I monitor his chewing (Hi, I’m super anxious about choking). Unfortunately, this puts the island in the splash zone. The underside of the island is a total mess. Stains, caked on food, you name it.

I was about to get out the soap and paint when I thought, “You’re just going to have to do this again in a few days woman. What else could you do?".

Tile! Tile the underside of the island! I had seen this done a few times so I took to Pinterest.

The island faces the main living area so it would be a great accent without being too overwhelming. I’m still trying to figure out the correct product and the style I’m going to go with, but in the meantime let’s drool over these inspiration pics together!

country weddingcenterpiece ideas.jpg