Fall Decor that the Kids Can't Break

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After the recent destruction of one of my favorite decor pumpkins by an unnamed toddler, I decided never again! For the foreseeable future I am only investing in decor that little hands ( and feet and mouths and trucks) can’t destroy.

The suspected culprit

The suspected culprit

This came with the added bonus that typically this sort of decor is more affordable. Some of these items I even had around the house and just had to repurpose. After that, I headed to the Target dollar bins (of course) and Joann Fabrics.

I emerged with a few new categories of decor that still make my home feel festive, but I don’t have to hover when my littles get too close.

Pillows and Blankets

Amazon has a shockingly good variety of affordable pillows and covers. Check out this post by Sarah at Little Vintage Nest. Pretty much sums that up.

I had a textured blanket around the house, I just put it on display a bit more and badda bing - decor!


Metal, woven, knit - all baskets can look like decor if you fill them with the right stuff. I fill my metal hanging baskets with real mini gourds that I use to teach Brooks about pumpkins. They don’t last forever, but that’s part of the lesson.


Choose any sign that you want! Just hang it high enough that the kids can’t reach it. Or put it in a location where the kids don’t play (i.e. front door).

Faux pumpkins

They make pumpkins out of everything these days. I’m seen velvet, knit, plastic. It just depends on your aesthetic.

Stuffed critters

Brooks is really into small stuffed animals that he can easily hug. He’s a big hugger. Target particularly has a large selection of well dressed birds and foxes.


I lump placemats and fabric in the same category. I like to use one themed runner on credenzas throughout the house. This year, we found 15 ft. of fabric for $4.99 at Joann Fabrics. Just make sure that if it’s going on the table, it’s got to be machine washable!

Faux cutlery

I don’t often get to whip out the fine china with a grabby 10 month old at the table. Target has metallic forks that are really beautiful close up. And less deadly.


The boys get a kick out of them. They’re as spooky as we are getting for our 2 year old.

Candy Buckets

I hang these on the doorknobs throughout the house. They’re festive and easy decor. Obviously, if the kids pull them down I’m not concerned since they belong to them.