Simple Self Care During the Busiest Days

Motherhood is a beast. Once we pop those little suckers out, our own self care plummets. I have recently been very bad about giving every last drop of myself to the kids or other commitments until I am burnt out.


I’ve started prioritizing myself in little ways throughout the day that have really improved my mindset during this busy season of our lives (both holidays and having a 2.5 year old and walking 1 year old).

Here’s what I recommend:

Wake up [ a smidge ] earlier

Everyone says it, “Wake up before your kids.” Well, no, Paula with the perfect hair in your LuLu Lemon leggings. I like me some sleep, like the hair is a mess lots of drool kind of sleep. I have, however, started trying to wake up just 30 minutes before I used to. My rockstar husband loves to take the kids on a walk in the morning so just those few moments of quiet time are priceless. I write or start laundry or on the weekends spend too much time on my phone. Regardless, its me time. And if I can start the day feeling productive, things go smoother.

Turn the TV on

Call Child Services! On days when Brooks is screaming in protest to the fact that I have to wake his brother up from his nap and Vance has hit his head 100 times while toddling around, you better belief that I turn that TV on so that I can get a second to regroup. Peppa Pig is oddly relaxing. It’s perspective people - Would a crying mess of a mother be better than 30 minutes of a British Pig teaching my kids about the outback?

coffee xmas tree.jpg

Develop a hobby outside of the children

As a SAHM, those little monsters are my life. They’re my bosses - if they’re not happy, no one is happy. It wasn’t until a few months ago when I saw myself getting a little lost in motherhood. It was all I could think about. As a woman who would like to get back into the workforce once the kids are bigger, I decided to choose a hobby that could keep my writing and creative skills fresh. Heyyyy blogging.

Don’t sleep with your phone nearby

I started leaving my phone in the bathroom overnight. My sleep has improved ten fold since making that decision. I also like to read right before I go to sleep. It slows my mind to focus on just one thing.

Pamper yourself

As I approach my 30th birthday, skin care has taken on a large part of my beauty routine. I love that feeling when your skin is nourished and feels like butter. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, embrace it. Drink wine and watch trashy TV, have a girls night, eat a tray of brownies in bed. You earned it.

Personal Mantra

I talk a lot of game, but I struggle with feeling like I have done enough for my children everyday. We could have read, worked on shapes, played outside, eaten healthy meals, and kept TV to a minimum, but I still wonder if there is more I could have done to make their day better. I try to repeat phrases that calm me to combat this feeling. Things like “You’re a great mom” or “You did your best today”. As someone who can’t handle the zen nature of yoga or meditation this is about as good as it gets for me.

Small steps have made a big difference in my daily mindset. I’ve realized more than ever that having a good day with the boys relies heavily on my mindset. When I’m tired, it is much easier for the kids to get bored and cranky. But if I can start my day on just a little bit better note, everyone is happier. So I take a hot second and give myself a pat on the back. You should too. Motherhood is a beast