Vance at 9 Months


Six to nine months is my absolute favorite age for little people! There are so many changes happening - emotionally, physically, and developmentally.  It is a busy time for them, but also for the whole family with schedule changes, the introduction of table food, and possibly family meal time.  

Vance's Schedule at 9 months 

7AM: Wake up call + breakfast [oatmeal, yogurt melts, bottle]

745AM: Walk

9AM: Nap #1 (usually lasts about 1.5 hrs) 

11AM: Lunch [one puree food, one learning finger food, small pieces of fruit, water]

12PM: Playtime

115PM: Nap #2 (This one is evolving.  Sometimes its only about an hour, others it can be as long as two) 

330PM: Snack [bottle]

5PM: Dinner [one puree, finger food, water]

545PM: Bath 

630PM: Bottle + Bedtime 

Introducing Table Food

Insert anxiety about choking here.  I have introduced table foods to my boys at around 7-8 months based on where they are with their chewing development.  I always start with Gerber Puffs and Yogurt Melts.  They dissolve so I freak out far less about choking.  

The biggest thing to note about this development is that it is incredibly time consuming.  The foods have to be chopped into tiny pieces, the baby has to have the opportunity to learn how to pick up those tiny bits, and then when you are tired of waiting for one piece to make its way to the baby's mouth, you spoonfeed the tiny bits.  Vance's meals at this age take 30 minutes minimum.  

We stick with trying one new food at a time since we have a family history of food allergies.  I observe things like his digestion [READ: poop schedule and consistency] and skin for hives/rashes.  

The challenge at this age is determining when the baby has had enough food.  He's still enjoying his purees and formula, so right now the table food is supplemental.  At some point, it will start to push the others out.  But figuring out that timing is purely a momma gut call. 

canva-photo-editor (1).png

Play evolves

Vance is no longer crawling around, sitting to rest, and continuing to crawl.  He is far more interested in things now.  He pulls up on them and he pulls them over onto him. The danger zone has expanded. 

He also LOVES his brother.  He loves trying to chase him, watching him play, and even when his brother throws a basket on his head.  He's just happy to be there! 

Some of his favorite toys right now are board books, a giant teddy bear, and his shape sorter.  

He's also started to respond to our cues.  He loves to play "So Big" and raise his arms up.  He's so proud, and so am I. 

Eagle Eye

I say that 6-9 months is the greatest because once 9 months hits, and the baby is standing and pulling up on things [and soon cruising on furniture], you have to watch him like a hawk.  He pulls on things that aren't sturdy.  He's curious about things and wants to explore them with his mouth. He's busy, which means you need to caffeinate, lady.  

Also, now that he has interests, he doesn't like to be confined.  He wants to explore, so dropping him in the pack n play beyond the time it takes to brush your teeth and get half a face of makeup on, is hard.  

Soak it up

This is a bittersweet time.  Vance is still so small, but I can see the end of the baby tunnel.  He doesn't want to cuddle.  He's ready to make a mess, he's ready to get going, but I'm not ready to let him go.

But that's not the gig I signed up for. These sweet monsters grow too fast, and 9 months is when that is most evident.  

Happy 9 months, Vance Thomas.  We love your spiky hair, sweet smile, and the bumps on your forehead from being adventurous.