The Waiting Game


After finding out that your body is now the host of a little alien, emotions run rampant.  Half because of the hormones, the other half because of the dread.  Of course you are ecstatic to meet your little bundle, but for first time mothers that happiness is often met by an equally powerful anxiety.

Pregnancy is one big waiting game.  You're waiting for the first sonogram, to find out the gender, and ultimately to meet the little human that consumes your every thought.  If there is one piece of advice that I could give to the (what seems like perpetually) pregnant, it would be this - Be patient.

I was (over) eager.  I was ready for the baby bag and the teeny onesies right when I found out that my firstborn was on the way.  I didn't realize that those first few months were the last time I would really feel like me for a long time.

*Sidenote - No matter how many well renowned so and so's say it, pregnancy is not 9 months.  If you go full term, it is at least 10.  If you breastfeed, your body still isn't your own.  So buckle up, you're in for a year or so.

When you're in the final months,  someone recommending that you be more patient and savor every moment makes you want to throw that new baby Bjorn at their face.  But, they're right.  Those are the last dates you'll have with your partner, the last movie you will watch uninterrupted, the last breakfast you will have without spit up in your hair.

I see now that pregnancy is as much preparing physically as it is mentally.  Once that baby bursts on to the scene, patience is the name of the game.  Be patient when it's 3am and you want to sleep but unfortunately your husband can't breastfeed.  Be patient when that little one just won't straighten his arm to go in that adorable onesie.  Be patient when you just want to be alone but that one obscure friend from 10 years ago just has to meet the newborn.

Realizing this has helped me be more in the moment.  And if you just can't seem to be patient when you can't see your feet and you pee at least 3 times a night, remember you're almost there momma.

This was my first lesson in motherhood, and I hope you learn it faster than I.