Halloween Costumes with a Baby Carrier

I LOVE Halloween. As I’ve gotten older and had babies, I love it even more!

Brooks’ first Halloween was about 5 months after he was born. I knew he wouldn’t really be able to participate at such a young age, but I wanted to include him in the fun. I think I was also looking for something to do at home when he was napping so I opted to make costumes that would allow we to wear Brooks in his baby carrier.

I came up with two options - Astronaut Brooks and Safari Brooks. Both are easy and require only a few items that you don’t already own!

Old family photos of Brooks in his carrier costumes hence the poor quality!

Old family photos of Brooks in his carrier costumes hence the poor quality!

Astronaut Baby

This is my “cool weather” option. Brooks is outfitted in a little Nasa costume that my dad picked up. I believe he found it at the place where diets go to die, Cracker Barrel. Here is similar one. Mine was really lightweight, so he wore it all night and didn’t get too hot. I was the galaxy, so I attached cut out stars to my black shirt and pants with hot glue.

The carrier is the rocket ship. I used felt for the actual shape and what are surely trademarked Nasa images from Google. The fire coming from the bottom is tulle, but you could use streamers as well. In retrospect, I would recommend using foam paper vs. felt.

I attached the ship to the carrier with safety pins. If your kiddo is grabbing at things, make sure to use something else or keep an eye on him. I had attached the ship before I put the carrier on or the baby into the carrier, so it was simple to just pop Brooks in like normal.

Safari Baby

Before I committed to making costumes, I had already purchased a Pottery Barn zebra costume for Brooks. I’m going to blame a late night nursing shopping spree for that. It was great, but really thick. Too warm for Florida in hindsight, but damn he was cute in it.

I bought a pith helmet on Amazon and wore an army green collared shirt open with a white tank underneath. I also whipped out my Bean boots for the occasion. My feet have never sweat more.

The carrier is meant to be the greenery/brush. I attached a full sheet of green felt (or foam paper) to the carrier using safety pins to cover up the blue color of the carrier. I then attached different kinds of leaves from Joann Fabrics using hot glue to that piece of green felt. I put one more piece of leaf in my helmet and called it a day.

Since the zebra costume was warm, Brooks just wore a regular onesie when we weren’t out trick or treating. I changed him in the trunk into the zebra, and then put him in the carrier already outfitted with the leaves.

The hardest part was getting his zebra head to stand up so that you could see him well enough. Once that was resolved, it was smooth sailing.

Both these costumes look like them took much more effort and time than they really did, but that’s the name of the game for moms. Happy Halloween!