Finds + Favorites - 10.5.18

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one | two | three | four | five | six

  1. I LOVE having painted nails, but I am too anal for regular nail polish. One chip, and it all has to come off. When they invented gel polish, I celebrated for months straight. I bought this at home UV light when I saw how much I was spending at the salon. There’s a small learning curve, but I LOVE it now!

  2. After the destruction of one of my favorite decorative pumpkins, I’ve decided to embrace decor that cannot be destroyed as easily. I am channeling my inner Rembrandt using chalk pens and chalkboards throughout the house with festive sayings and drawings.

  3. Target has really upped their game. These slide loafers are the perfect shoe if you’re easing into the loafer trend like I am. I don’t feel like I’m trying too hard, and they’re really comfortable.

  4. If you’re making Halloween costumes, I highly recommend foam paper. It makes everything look just a bit crisper.

  5. I have one large wall in the kids’ wing of the house that I am itching to put an inspirational print on. This one is pretty on point.

  6. Vance doesn’t have too many more months of bottles, but I love this warmer. You don’t have to remember to get the bottle out an hour before every meal. Yes!