Goals for Get Organized Month

I feel like I have been slapped in the face by organizational challenges for the month of January. Yes, I understand that it is a new year and that can sometimes mean a fresh start. But, aren’t these people recovering from the holidays too?!


If I’m being honest, I really love organizing. I purged my entire house last year. It felt great, and I will likely do it again. But, at this season of life (Brooks says the same thing about 74 times until I response the way he wants and Vance is knocking down floor lamps) having the time or extra sets of eyes and hands to start a project like this is unlikely. So, I’m paring it down.

Below are my realistic goals for ‘Get Organized Month’. I won’t be the girl folding thongs for hours just to destroy all that hard work at 6am when I rummage through that drawer. It isn’t realistic for my life.

  1. Keep toys with small pieces together

  2. Organized shoes + socks in the same place

  3. Purge unused, unloved, unnecessary items

  4. Declutter

  5. Find a spot for things where they are used not where they “should” be (For example, I brush Vance’s teeth either on his changing pad or in his highchair - somewhere that I can contain him. I’ll keep the toothbrush here instead of in the bathroom.

One of the biggest ways that I think I can maintain an organized and clean home is following the 1 minute rule. The 1 minute rule requires that you complete any menial task when you see it assuming that it won’t take more than one minute to complete. Does that load of laundry need to go in the dryer? Change it. Is the countertop covered with makeup? Put it away.

It sounds minor, but the times that I have adhered to the rule I have see a huge improvement. I don’t allow myself to put things off - a class that I typically get straight As in.

I share these goals and my secret weapon in the hopes that you will see that you don’t have to be following the Marie Kondo blah blah blah. Make whatever improvements you can to make your home and heart happier. That’s what the new year is about!