Motherhood is a beast.  There are stereotypes, judgements, and our own snowballing thoughts plaguing every decision that we make. 

Do I have a natural birth? Do I breastfeed? Do I have postpartum anxiety? No matter what source women turn to there are conflicting opinions and voices ready to cast judgement.  

After having my second child, I realized that I didn't have a community that I could turn to for unbiased information. If I looked for a community that could help me figure out breastfeeding, there were always voices spouting their disdain for bottle feeding.  

That Millennial Momma both mocks and praises mommas, which is what I believe is the best way to approach something - with a sense of humor.  How many times have you heard, " Oh, she's THAT [ insert literally anything you do for your kids ] mom." THAT breastfeeding in public, no baby monitor, rigidly scheduled, etc. mom.  

In a similar vain, how many times do Millennials get unfairly typecast? THAT lazy millennial, THAT entitled millennial. Sure, I know a few millennials who fall into these labels, but generalizations like this help no one.  

That Millennial Momma strives to share real life experiences, tips, tricks, and stories.  We are moms and millennials.  We've googled "What does yellow poop mean?" at 4am.  We've also led meetings full of old, white male executives and kicked ass.  We can bake muffins with hidden veggies in them while ranting about something on Twitter. One does not exclude the other.  

So take a look around.  Find someone like you.  Find someone the opposite of you.  Learn and don't be judgmental.   We're all just trying to get by. 


let's meetup!

In addition to serving as a forum to share information digitally [ for the new mom who is up nursing all the time or just needs to check out for a little while], That Millennial Momma will host meetups.  Hosted by businesses or just casual coffeehouse chatting, these meetups will educate and connect mothers.  The structure and topics of meetups will rotate - some will be seminar set up with a speaker and others will be mastermind sessions at Starbucks.  Check out the calendar for upcoming meetups + RSVP today! 

Interested in hosting a Meetup? Contact Hello@ThatMillennialMommaBlog.com to schedule your Meetup today!


Do you have a topic that you want to share with our network? We want to hear from you! 

Please submit your topic/article, photo, and a brief bio to Hello@ThatMillennialMommaBlog.com.  We can get the ball rolling on editing and hopefully share your experience! 

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse posts should they contain hostile or close-minded tones.  Just don't be a jerk, and we should get along fine. Also, millennial perspectives are preferred for obvious reasons. 

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About the Creator

Jessica Hohman is a nearly 30-something momma of two boys - Brooks and Vance.  She is THAT breast and bottle feeding, Type A, anxious, overly researched momma.  

Jess is a lifelong resident of Tampa, FL who lives for summer rainstorms, painted nails, home organization, and a few minutes of peace and quiet with a giant coffee with a ridiculous amount of creamer in it.  She is married to her high school sweetheart who is the Type B, chill, and logical counterpart she needs. 

Jess loves good design, baking, My Favorite Murder, and a good praline.


A Quick Note

While we will be touching on medical/familial topics here, please note that our contributors are not licensed professionals in any fields unless otherwise stated.  We are mothers simply sharing our experience or perspective.  If you see a piece that contradicts what your philosophy is, please reach out and submit a post from the other side.  And as always, if you feel like you need professional help, please seek it! 

We will not engage in hostile, mean, or unnecessary banter as that defeats the purpose of this forum and network.  Keep it clean, people.